Updated Supply List

 Artists usually work alone, but not without the help of their trusted tools. Their supplies are invaluable to them and necessary to create whatever it is that they're driven to create. These tools therefore must be of a certain standard in order to aid in executing the artist's thoughts and goals.

 The following is a list of supplies that I simply can't do without. Well, perhaps I could eliminate a thing or too -if I absolutely had to- but it wouldn't be without a fight. Each has been of great help to me in all of my endeavors to take a thought and express it though the medium of painting.

 While I like what's currently on this list of course, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, without notice. After all, an artist should always be growing. For now, these are the things that make me happy and allow me the great privilege of self expression. Enjoy!


Winsor & Newton

~Cadmium Red
~Cadmium Yellow Pale
~Permanent Rose

~Permanent Magenta
~Terra Rosa
~Yellow Ocher Pale


~Cadmium Lemon
~Cadmium Yellow Deep
~Cadmium Orange
~Transparent Oxide Red
~Transparent Oxide Brown
~Ultramarine Blue Deep

~Transparent Yellow Green

Michael Harding

 ~Cadmium Orange

Lefranc & Bourgeois 

~Titanium White



RayMar L64C panels

Note: Though I only use the L64, RayMar makes additional lines of oil primed panels that are a bit more affordable.

Tip: If you don't feel that your work currently warrants the price that these fine linens cost, apply a coat or two of an oil/lead primer to your inexpensive canvases. Gamblin Oil Ground, and Williamsburg Lead Oil Ground are both good choices for this. Currently, I’ve been using Rublev Lead primer to coat my panels.


Rosemary & Co. 

 I use the following series' in all available sizes:

   "Eclipse Combers" long flats

   "Evergreen" short flats

   Series 56. PURE KOLINSKY short flats

  Tip: I DO NOT HAVE ANY FAVORITE SIZES! I recommend that you invest in as best a variety as you can possibly afford.



Tip: I recommend using a container large enough to hold an ample supply of solvent. You should be able to clean your brushes thoroughly throughout the painting process, which is impossible to do with too little an amount of your Gamsol. Time after time, I see workshop students use the tiniest of containers in art classes. This is an exorcise in futility! YOU CANNOT KEEP YOUR BRUSHES CLEAN WITHOUT A LARGE QUANTITY OF SOLVENT EVERY TIME YOU PAINT!

Paper Towels




I use the STRADA MINI with attachable side-trays.


 Walnut oil


Gamvar by Gamblin